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ScriptStory can help you to augment your Anaplan staffing needs on temporary and/or permanent basis to augment the capacity of your existing resources.

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25+ Talented anaplan professionals
150+ Accesses of Anaplan Community
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90% CSAT Score

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    Leverage ScriptStory certified Anaplan consultants
    Increased Capacity

    Increase in labor to fulfill a temporary spike in everyday work (project work, increased production, spikes in customer demand, seasonal businesses etc.)
    Bridge to Hire

    For longer-term needs as a bridge to provide capacity while you hire a permanent team (new location, new line of businesses and many other factors)
    Faster Ramp up

    Want to ramp up your team fast and quick. Your company is not agile to fill in those plugs. We can assist you help reduce time spent on recruitment
    Specialized Skills

    Anaplan ecosystem can be complex specially when you need to factor in data integration skills along with modeling skills. Our resources fulfill those specialized skills for a period of time.

    Build an organization using almost entirely flexible labor as a way to gain competitive advantage (increased speed to market, agility, velocity)

    Our resources are not bound to any geographic location with multiple models in place - onshore, offshore and hybrid. We align our resources with respect to your time zone

    "It’s easy to lie with statistics. It’s hard to tell the truth without statistics.”
    ~ Brad Schneider
    Start your Augmentation journey with ScripStory.

    What do you get
    Min Level 3 certified model builders
    True onshore offshore model
    Template based approach
    Leverage of strong 100+ anaplan freelancer network
    Embedded agile, methadology
    Team that is fluent in english & communication

    Cater to the whole anaplan service umbrella

    Identify resource requirements including academics, skills, profile.

    Interviews to validate the skill match and position. Resource selection and confirmation by client

    Activate client process. Monthly periodic feedback on resource performance

    Knowledge Transfer. Project appraisal and feedback.

    What our clients say


    Questions? Let us answer

    At ScriptStory, we ensure that all of our resources are certified, has sufficient experience in skilled field, can communicate well and has background check. On top of that you interview and assess and make an informed decision.

    Everything is verifiable and Anaplan implementation is our livelihood. We do not lie what feeds our employees and their families. If we do not know, we work hard and ensure that we complete our promises.

    We are flexible and we can provide resources per your schedule respecting both resources and your time zone difference. We work on varying terms - time & material, and milestone and for specific jobs.

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