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Stagnation is the enemy of a growing business. Inspiration, innovation, and action — that’s what transforms your brand.

ScriptStory’s advisory and diagnostics teams shine a light on the way forward, the way toward optimized business processes built with Best-in-Cloud applications. Transform your planning business with help from us.

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    Advisory Offerings
    Unbiased Tool Selection

    Is Anaplan a truly the right solution for your planning needs? We offer unprejudiced and unbiased opinion based on multiple data points.
    Center of Excellence Guidelines

    Can't afford thousands to set up Anaplan Center of Excellence. We offer deep insights what it takes to set up CoE
    Fit Gap Analysis

    We bridge the necessary gap between process and workable solution. We understand and provide roadmap how Anaplan can help
    Change Management

    Organizational readiness and training needs for faster Anaplan adaptation
    Still on CSV files - Data Integration Roadmap

    Offer complete end to end roadmap and strategy to achieve data integration and automation
    Ready to outsource?

    What it takes to achieve end to end outsourcing of current planning models

    "It’s easy to lie with statistics. It’s hard to tell the truth without statistics.”
    ~ Brad Schneider
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    What do you get
    True onshore offshore model

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    Min Level 3 certified model builders

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    Team that is fluent in english & communication

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    Template based approach

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    Embedded agile, methadology

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    Leverage of strong 100+ anaplan freelancer network

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    Cater to the whole anaplan service umbrella
    Identify - Mission, Objectives and Targets

    Steered by the vision, the organization’s management can clearly define measurable financial as well as strategic objectives.
    Environment Scan

    Consists of following elements - Internal Analysis, External Analysis, Industry Analysis, & Assessment based on defined KPIs
    Action Plan or Implementation

    The chosen strategy is executed through an effective utilization of resources and methods. An implementation of strategy also entails teams motivation so that you can attain specified objectives in assigned time bound
    Performance Tracking and Control

    Continuous Monitoring and Benefit Realization - specify guidelines to be assessed, outline target values, carry out measurements, and make much needed adjustments.

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    Questions? Let us answer

    Even in big 4, strategic assessments are done by small teams. ScriptStory leadership came from 100s of studies done at Big 4. We have access to all the Garters and Lexis Nexis. We have a database of 10+ strategic assessments around Anaplan. This is our livelihood and planning is all we do.

    Strategic advisory assessments cannot be done in Silos. We sit with your team, clearly understand the objectives and mission. We come back with an outline of our deliverables; make necessary adjustments, do necessary assessment, develop KPIS, and provide recommendations. Your stakeholders are part throughout the journey. There is no room for surprises.

    Sure, you can. Unlike big SIs, we do the similar assessments at the fraction of the cost. We understand your landscape and guide you well before you initiate your journey. It is seen that good planning can help you select right tool, do the right size of the tool, help you establish roadmap. You can jump in water before you learn swimming but some $ spent can save you from shark infested waters.

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