What if our managed services can make your Anaplan Ecosystem better?

  • The right managed services provider brings deep domain experience as well as technical expertise across key functions, particularly your mission critical planning functions This experience is gained across multiple geographies and jurisdictions, ensuring the ability to navigate complex and changing regulatory and risk landscapes.
  • We are guided by a relentless focus on value. This means delivering tangible results fast but also pushing to innovate and constantly improve operating performance. It’s how you build an adaptive, future-ready organization, positioned to make the most of future opportunities, wherever they may be.
  • And, critically, the right managed services provider creates a connected managed services experience built upon a common, data-driven platform that makes it easy to add or expand solutions as needs change. This enterprise-wide approach to delivering real change — rather than point-by-point quick fixes — is the secret to elevating organizational performance and achieving the true transformation businesses need now.

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95% Customer Satisfaction
1500+ unique support cases handle
15 unique business
88% Only 12% yearly churn against 25% industry churn

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    Benefits you get
    Highly Skilled Resource @ 50% cost

    We are lean and offer deep discounts without compromising an iota of quality and service. We want to offer value where you do not have to cost a fortune.
    Data integrity and security

    We take an extra measure to protect your valued information. The protection is provided at the physical, external threat blocking and at the application level. On top of that we offer Data Protection Insurance.
    Flexible to scale with your business

    Our technology and data operations create a whole of business approach, supporting operations to be more useful, efficient, economical and agile.
    Deeper understanding of Use Cases

    More practical and applicable insight to build experience and fuel growth.
    Highly Competitive prices

    Reduced operating costs and improved return on investment to free up capital to focus on growth and innovation
    Greater Consistency

    Global execution model and shared delivery approach that reduces the risk of anomalies. Building better reliability and stability

    “Data are just summaries of thousands of stories—tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.”
    ~ Dan Heath, bestselling author
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    What do you get
    True onshore offshore model

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    Min Level 3 certified model builders

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    Team that is fluent in english & communication

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    Template based approach

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    Embedded agile, methadology

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    Leverage of strong 100+ anaplan freelancer network

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    Proven Managed Services Model


    Understand stakeholders’ business requirements and point of contact Part time or Full time

    Continuously monitor, improve and deliver


    Offshore team is responsible for providing necessary support including incidents, enhancements and new development


    Offshore team works along with your onsite development team

    Proven Managed Services Model
    Model Based Anaplan Services

    Need a dedicated for the support and maintenance of your one or multiple models. We can guage effort and provide you agreeable quote. You will have zero to minimal downtime
    Time and Material

    We provide you a dedicated resource to manage your existing model(s) and agree on defined SLAs and resoures efforts.
    Project Based Enhancements

    Guage necessary scope with defined objectives and user stories with clearly defined delivery based milestones. Leave the ambguity out of window.
    Flexibility to Scale Up and Down

    Dedicated resource with fixed price for a certain range. Post that, an increase and decrease based on the defined and documented work

    What our clients say


    Questions? Let us answer

    We ensure that besides building security, our clients work with all necessary security measures - network, application, VPN, and anti virus. Besides that we carry 5 Million dollars of insurance coverage

    For each service model, we have clearly identified necessary KPIs which are very close to estimated work. These templates and KPIs are continuously improved with every client engagement.

    Yes, at ScriptStory, we can definitely accommodate your request. On majority of the occasions, it is quick however, sometimes it can be delayed due to resource availability.

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