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ScriptStory helps enterprises develop data and digital talent, future-proof workforces, and create a more diverse Anaplan ecosystem.

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Anaplan Courses

Forecasting & Planning

Learn about business planning & forcasting quantitative techniques and process best practices from the experts.

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Model Building

Take on additional responsibility. Transform your analysts (business, finance, demand, supply +) into Anaplan Model Builders and be your own charioteer

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Data Integration

Data is everywhere, and our customers are eager to know more about how they can get data from thier databases and into their models. Walk…

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Solution Architecting

Anaplan is an inherent part of your organization ecosystem.  You cannot be at the mercy of system integrators. Have your solution architect. It sounds complex…

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New User Experience

Dashboards are extinct. We live in world of Apps which are omnichannel. Develop Anaplan Applications more effectively incorporating features specific for Anaplan App Development.

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End User Training

ScriptStory work as change agents. We help end users to become adept at learning Anaplan techniques as an end user with little to no resistance…

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We help companies build diverse, high-performing data & analytics orgs
Transform Planners into Business Anaplanners

Immediate ROI - Cost effective and Customized Anaplan training
Get training from Anaplan Experts

Our trainers are Anaplan experts but excel in trainings and work at your pace and schedule
Want to go deeper - get a flavor of model builder

We will teach you all the Anaplan tricks and hence you can better manage your System Integrators
Sick of User Guides?

We develop highly interactive audio video based training content suited to your role
Train the Trainer

Want to develop in house Anaplan Training capability. Sure, we will develop in house Anaplan trainer who will help train others
Develop Model Builders

Transform your super users and excel modelers into Anaplan Modelers with Level 3+ Model Building guaranteed

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