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Learn about business planning & forcasting quantitative techniques and process best practices from the experts.

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10+ Chapters
100+ Micro Lessons/Lectures
10+ Hours Duration
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Basic Principles of Planning and Forecasting

Understand the basic principles of planning and forecasting

Key Components of Forecasting Process

Understand what comprises forecasting process and thier respective contributions. Concepts explained with real life examples

Quantitative Techniques

Understand the basics of statistical and logarithmic quantitative techniques for forecasting

Qualitative Techniques

Quantitative techniques alone do not suffice. Tribal knowledge and experience counts. What makes you a better tribal applying measurable qualitative techniques.

Situation and Strategies for New Product

Introduction to Split SKU forecasting, One SKU forecasting, Merged SKU Forecasting, Continuous Phase In - Phase Out

Quizes and Certificate of Completion

It is time for rewards. We will do what they call assessment and post successful completion, we issue certificate