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ScriptStory work as change agents. We help end users to become adept at learning Anaplan techniques as an end user with little to no resistance in terms of learning new tools and technologies.

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How does it help you out


Can be tricky. We help you understand page selectors, user defined filters, column filters, filter insights .

Data Exports

Anaplan provides rich capability to export data out of modules, process triggering an export, export formats .. No one can beat excel when it comes to adhoc analysis

Sort. Search, Multi-Select, Pivot

Anaplan new UX is rich in functionality when it comes to basic capabilities like sort, search, multi-select, how to perform Pivots etc. Our teachings will make it so simple for you.. it is muscle memory

Want to dig deeper +

Create pages, personal pages, categories, align the pages in category, change the source model, control the user permissons. There is lot .. we can help you.

Basics of Data, Dimensions, Multi dimensional concepts

You will appreciate better post understanding the concepts of data integration, dimensionality and multi dimensional concepts

Knowledge Check & Quizes

Yeah.. it is time to check that you really learnt what you have gone through.. our quizzes will force to remember live situations..