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Take on additional responsibility. Transform your analysts (business, finance, demand, supply +) into Anaplan Model Builders and be your own charioteer

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50+ Transformed Analysts into Anaplanners
500+ Trained Model Builders
10+ Clients Served
5+ Certified Anaplan Trainers

How does it help you out

Basics of Anaplan

Get to know about dimensionality, methodology, Anaplan Components, business use cases

Time & Versions

Introduction to Versions (Current, Actuals, Forecast, Budget), Time Settings (Model Calendar), Time Ranges, Periods

Lists and Dimensions

Sounds complex but in reality it is simple - Lists, Numbered Lists, Composite Lists, List Item Subsets, Selective Access, Hierarchies

DISCO Framework & Module Development

DISCO - it is a funny dance - Data, Input, System, Calculations and Output.. It is very logical. Provide detailed insights into each of the module types

Processes and Actions

Import data into Modules and map data imports into modules. Well, Actions is way beyond simply importing data.. you will love it.


Finale... all the underpinnings of engine fails if we do not have good user experience. Anaplan UX has come a long way.. we will teach you details and some dirty tricks.